Prerequsite One Time Setup

Beam Org Setup - Each Beam ORG API needs to be Configured in SFDC.

Notice that in the image below there is a new App called "Beam Management". Select this in your ORG.

A list of Beam Configs are then shown.


To add another Beam Config, click the "New Beam Config" button.

The details can be added as shown here. 

The Beam ORG Number is copied from the URL when logged into the Beam Portal.

Inline image 1

Device Groups - At least one device group per ORG is required. Device Groups are added to each Beam Config.

Inline image 2

The Device Group Number needs to be copied from the URL in the same manner.

Inline image 3

In order to see the User Beam Activity the following Page layout needs to be done

Inline image 3

Setup is now complete.